BLOOD & CORAL Now Available on DVD

Blood & Coral Poster (SMALL)This feature documentary examines the health of the ocean, focusing on coral reefs and their vulnerability to climate disruption, overfishing, pollution, and ocean acidification. Using the spectacular reefs and islands of Palau, the film celebrates the stunning beauty and diversity of wild coral, while calling attention to its growing fragility and rapid decline.

Palau’s battle of Peleliu island, one of World War II’s most savage conflicts, provides the film with a striking analogy for the environmental battle now taking place on the reefs offshore, where bombs have been replaced by greenhouse gases, fishing fleets perform the role of naval artillery, and super typhoons succeed armies as invading forces.

Blood & Coral tells the story of an island paradise that was utterly destroyed by war and slowly restored by Nature in one of Earth’s most incredible feats of redemption. In that powerful regenerative process lies the hope that people and Nature will act in concert to restore and sustain coral reefs, everywhere.

From the director: “Blood & Coral is an environmental elegy that weaves together awe-inspiring scenes of nature’s beauty and fury with searing images of war and human conquest. Unlike an elegy, however, it has the upbeat look of a tropical travel film, complete with scenic landscapes, underwater adventure, and amazing wildlife. By emphasizing both the beauty and fragility of coral ecosystems, the film is intended to engage viewers intellectually and emotionally in the urgent struggle to save wild coral. Preserving coral reefs is ultimately about preserving our humanity.”

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