Prochlorococcus Day

Blue Planet United is calling for a day of special observance of one tiny cyanobacterium’s  contribution to human welfare.  Prochlorococcus, which lives in the ocean, produces approximately 20% of the global oxygen that humans and other lifeforms need to live.  A form of what scientists call photosynthetic picoplankton, it is among the smallest photosynthesizing organisms on Earth, yet one of the most productive.  In fact, Prochlorococcus is considered to be the most abundant primary producer alive, when measured by species.  It alone provides for about one of every five breaths we take.  With that in mind, Blue Planet United is proposing that humanity recognize this microbe’s vital ecological service to our planet.  Since it provides about one-fifth of our yearly oxygen requirement, we suggest that it’s contribution be recognized annually on the date of March 14th (the 73rd day or first fifth of the year).

If you breathe, if you love the ocean, if you feel thankful for all the free services Nature provides, or if you feel that it is high time we recognize the invisible things that keep us alive, please join us in celebrating our interdependence with marine cyanobacteria.



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