Sustainable Futures Film Project

Between Two Worlds 

Between the world in which we live and the world we hope to build lies a fundamental choice between conventional growth and sustainability. A powerful new short film for global citizens, Between Two Worlds, examines this choice, in terms of the challenge of simultaneously securing environmental health, economic vitality, and social equity, for both present and future generations. The film builds on Matthew Arnold’s notion (1855) of wandering between worlds or societies that are dying and those that seem “powerless to be born.” Filmed in 15 diverse countries around the globe, it tells the story of how the human and natural communities of Earth have changed, and why. It helps viewers understand the origins of the present human predicament and its implications for the 21st Century.

Release Date: Summer 2009

The Voyage of Desmond Tutu
Featuring on-camera interviews with world leader Desmond Tutu, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, this video tells the story of sustainability from a South African perspective, using the concept of “ubuntu,” which refers to the interconnectedness of people and their shared dreams. Tutu argues that a person is not an isolated individual but rather “a person through other persons” – made whole by making connections with other people, places, and their environment.

Release Date: December 2010