The WildBlue Planet Project

The Bequest

What we leave future generations in the way of wild places will say much about our wisdom and morality as a people. This four-part documentary series examines the importance of wilderness and wildness in a predominantly American context, contrasting the power of unaltered Nature to enchant and inspire us, with the unwitting power of human settlements and technologies  to extinguish that enchantment and inspiration in pursuit of economic growth. The film takes a close look at eco-simplification, unsustainable development, and loss of open space, raising questions about the ecological wealth being sacrificed in the name of growth and progress.
Release Date: 2012.

Three short films that are NOW available on one DVD

Indoor and Outdoor People
This 13 minute video focuses on the fascinating views of a nature poet and philosopher named Narayan, who lives much of his life, alone, in wilderness, contemplating the lessons to be gained from outdoor encounters with nonhuman creatures and wild places. Released September 2009.

Earth Day – Take it to Heart
This short film is only 4 minutes long but packs a strong emotional punch with its stunning images of Nature and lilting music by Roger Subirana. The message, delivered with subtitles, celebrates natural systems as vital sources of human stress relief and healthy development. The film includes images from some of the world’s most scenic wild areas, captured in a wide variety of beguiling forms and colors. Released April 2009.

Evening Tide
The calming effect of lapping water and twilight hues leading to nightfall provide a thoroughly relaxing taste of wild places, where land and ocean meet, and tides carry reflections of a setting sun, along with the watery “heart beat” of the ocean. Released April 2009.