Facing the Population Challenge:
Wisdom from the Elders

Edited by Marilyn Hempel
Publishing date: May, 2014

This book is for all who have ever pondered the fate of humanity and the biosphere and asked, “What can I do?” Fifteen elders—giants in the field of human population and development—share their vision of a more just, peaceful and sustainable world. Drawing from many decades of practical experience and deep knowledge, they trace the contours of rapid population growth, its socioeconomic and environmental challenges, and the lessons they have learned in dealing with these challenges. They go on to lay out concrete actions that can move our civilization forward to a future of wanted children, empowered women, and an economy that works within restored ecosystems.

Table of Contents:

  • Forward: The Art of Living by John Stuart Mill
  1. Introduction: Wisdom from the Elders by Marilyn Hempel
  2. In Memorium: If I Could Assemble the Leaders of the World in a Room by Dr. Albert A. Bartlett
  3. The Roads Not Taken by Malcolm Potts
  4. The Pioneers by Donald A. Collins
  5. What Is Required by David Poindexter
  6. Do What Your Mother Told You by William N. Ryerson
  7. A Moral Call to Action by Linn Duvall Harwell
  8. What I Would Say To World Leaders by Sarah G. Epstein
  9. My Population Pitch to 700,000 Leaders by Robert Gillespie
  10. Ending the Silence on Population by Martha Campbell
  11. Let’s Save Civilization: A Letter to the President of the United States by Lester R. Brown
  12. Capitalism: Growth, Greed and Collapse by Lindsey Grant
  13. Shortages of Natural Resources Will Limit Human Population Numbers in the Future by David Pimentel and Marcia Pimentel
  14. Can A Collapse of Global Civilization Be Avoided? by Paul R. Ehrlich and Anne H. Ehrlich
  15. World Leaders Statement on Population Stabilization
  16. World Scientists Warning to Humanity
  17. Al Bartlett’s Laws Relating to Sustainability

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