Exploring the Anthropocene is a video series “wake-up call” that examines the fragility of all life in an era of global human supremacy. The class is aimed at young people and life-long learners everywhere who need a different kind of classroom in which to learn, one that prizes interdisciplinary learning and combines scientific knowledge with a deep dive into emotional intelligence. These films call for a thoughtful re-examination of humanity’s place in the web of life, as well as deeper appreciation of the interconnectedness of living systems.

  1. Exploring the Anthropocene 1: Life on a Human-Dominated Planet. This first film in the Exploring the Anthropocene Series introduces the concept of the Anthropocene as a geological time period and investigates life on a planet dominated by humans.
  2. Exploring the Anthropocene 2: A System Of Systems discusses applying systems theory to understanding global change.
  3. Exploring the Anthropocene 3: Climate Disruption is an overview of climate threat multipliers and the opportunities they can foster.
  4. Exploring the Anthropocene 4: Defending The Ocean reminds us that beauty remains despite eight growing ocean crises.
  5. Exploring the Anthropocene 5: Biodiversity asks us to examine the role of empathy in protecting the web of life.